Helping you identify and connect with Europe’s most promising early stage tech companies.

Startup Banking

StartupBanking introduces an analytical approach to identifying and supporting high-potential European Early Stage tech companies. We organise highly curated events where founders meet with investors and by doing so we are building a relevant network of talent and investors. has become a unique and helpful platform for corporates and service providers who want to engage with Europe’s early stage tech ecosystem.

Averages per event:

Number of companies screened


Number of attending startups


Number of hours spent in preparing each company


Number of attending investors


Estimated number of transactions within six months after the event

4 events


We host our events to help the companies we select raise funding.

Based on the attending companies, we invite investors who we think are a good potential match. We do not leave potential matches to chance. Instead, we schedule the 1-on-1 meetings between founders and investors. During breaks and drinks, you’re free to engage with other attendees or catch up on work email.

quality over quantity

Throughout Europe, there are plenty events where it seems that almost every investor and tech company is attending. Our events are quite different.

At our events, we invite about ten companies. After identifying these top companies, we invite ten investors who we believe would be a good fit. At our events you do not meet dozens of people. You only meet those you need to meet.

continuous sourcing

We are always looking for amazing companies to attend our events.

If you have not raised your Series A (yet), we want to talk to you. After our talk, we may want to start preparing you for one of our events. If you’re not ready yet, we will help you figure out what you need to do to get there.


We have a unique perspective on Europe’s Seed & Series A ecosystem. We talk to ~33% of all Early Stage venture backed companies in Europe. In addition, we monitor all investments of Europe’s 1200 VCs active in this segment, and engage frequently with the most active investors. We know what the best founders are building, and what the best investors are backing.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you connect to the next wave of high growth companies, let us know.


"Compared to most other events, the companies I met at the StartupBanking event are way more qualified and mature ."

- Thomas Turelier (ventech)

"AvP and make my job easier. The quality of startups that they had filtered down for me was highly attractive, we continue conversations with more than half of them. I look forward to the next event.

- jan Borgstädt (join)

Common characteristics of the companies in our ecosystem

Number of employees

5 - 50

annual revenue

€250k - €3M

Amount raised to date

€500k - €5M

Funding need in the next 12 months

€3M - €10M

monthly revenue growth

10% - 30% per month

Number of products in the market

1 product